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August 2017

Lots of news this month so grab yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and settle in!

First up, the first Dashing Widow novella, The Seduction of Lord Stone, is currently free as a way to celebrate ending the series with Catching Captain Nash. This offer only lasts for a limited time so if you’d like to try one of my Dashing Widows stories, this is a great opportunity. Here are the links:



Barnes and Noble


Thanks to everyone who has already picked up the free Lord Stone. He hit the top 100 free on Amazon and the top 5 on the free Regency lists too.

Thanks also to everyone who picked up the 6th Dashing Widow story, Catching Captain Nash, which came out on the last day of June. I’m delighted to say that Captain Nash reached the top 200 on Amazon and also the top 4 on the Amazon Regency list. Reviews have been pretty good too. Here’s a selection:

Rose at Roses are Blue calls Captain Nash “this most satisfying read which I can highly recommend.” 5 roses.

Stacey at Stacey is Sassy gives Captain Nash 5 stars and says: “Please, Anna Campbell, give me more. Pretty please with sugar on the top.”

Tracy at Flippin’ Pages says, “This book is well written, paced perfectly, it is super steamy (YES!!), emotionally charged and perfectly executed.”

Helen at Historical Romance Reviews:says Captain Nash is “an amazing story.” 5 stars.

Kat at Cathy’s Review Corner says, “What a wonderful conclusion to this second trilogy in this series.”

Jaci Tobin at The Reading Wench calls Captain Nash, “A beautiful love story.”

Jen at Jenerated Reviews says that “Catching Captain Nash was the perfect way to end the Dashing Widows series!” 5 stars.

And while we’re on the subject of reviews, Kat at Cathy’s Review Corner has also reviewed Charming Sir Charles, the 5th Dashing Widows book and called it “a delight.”

Have you ordered Mistletoe and the Major yet? It’s up for pre-order and out 20th September which is…next month! And all for only 99 cents on Kindle. Here’s a link to a page where you’ll find the excerpt and the buy links.

Did you know August is Read a Romance Month? There’s a huge line-up of authors involved this year, including me (8th August). We’re all talking about the power of romance. Put this on your calendar – there are a million prizes up for grabs (only a slight exaggeration) with giveaways every day and huge prizes for overall winners. Check out the calendar at the bottom of this post. You can follow Read a Romance Month on Facebook.

I’ve been really enjoying the series Hot Italian Nights from brilliant contemporary romance author Annie West. The latest goes on sale on 1st August. Don’t miss At the Italian’s Bidding which is a great friends to lovers story. And even better, it’s only 99 cents!

My Favorite Things this month looks at my favorite category romance author when I was growing up. If you’re a fan of old-style romance, don’t miss this tribute to Anne Mather!

See you next month!



July 2017

How did we get to July already? Fasten your seatbelts! The second half of 2017 starts with lots of news!

First up, the 6th Dashing Widow – and the last in the current trilogy – is now out. You can buy Catching Captain Nash from:


Barnes and Noble



Even better, if you’re a Kindle reader, it’s only 99 cents! At that price, he’s definitely worth catching!

Check back for August’s news when I should have some reviews to share.

In other release news, the first of two Christmas novellas this year is up for pre-order. Some of you will have already read Mistletoe and the Majorbecause it appeared in the multi-author anthology Under the Kissing Bough for a brief period at the end of last year. Now I’m delighted to put my Major out as a stand-alone. But for those who missed out, he’s out on 20th September. Here’s the blurb:

The Major is home from the wars at last…

Edmund Sherritt, Major Lord Canforth, has devoted eight tumultuous years to fighting Napoleon. Finally Europe is at peace, and he can retire to his estates and the lovely wife he hasn’t seen since their brief, unhappy honeymoon. The innocent girl he loved from the first moment he saw her, but who shied away from him on their wedding night.

The beautiful woman who greets him at Otway Hall on Christmas Eve is no longer the sweet ingénue he remembers. This new and exciting version of his beloved countess is strong, outspoken, and independent, and she’s willing to stand up for what she wants. The question is—does she want the husband who returns to her arms more as a stranger than a spouse?

Now the real battle begins.

Felicity, Lady Canforth, has had eight long years to regret that she sent her husband from a cold marriage bed to face brutal combat, danger and hardship. The only child of elderly parents, Felicity came to marriage innocent and ignorant, and unable to conceal her shock at the sensual power of the earl’s caresses. Before she found the nerve to offer Canforth a more generous welcome, he was called away to war. The Major left behind a countess who was a bride, not a wife; a woman unsure of her husband’s feelings, and too timid to confess how fervently she desires the man she wed.

Fate has granted an older, wiser Felicity a second chance to win her husband’s heart. Now nothing is going to stop her from claiming victory over the famous war hero. This Christmas, she’ll deploy every ounce of courage, purpose and passion to seize the life and love she’s longed for ever since Canforth left to serve his country. Whatever it costs, whatever it takes, she’ll lure the dashing Major back into her bed, where she means to show him he’s the only man she wants as her lover—and her love.

After years of yearning and separation, will a Christmas miracle heal the wounds of the past and offer the earl and his bride a future bright with love?

You can pre-order Mistletoe and the Major from:




Barnes and Noble


And all for the bargain price of 99 cents on Kindle!

Check back for news about the brand-new Christmas story I’m writing this year. If you’ve read Catching Captain Nash, I think you’ll be really excited to learn the identity of the hero.

If you’re a reader in Slovenia, don’t miss my latest release there, the translation of A Rake’s Midnight Kiss, my second Sons of Sin novel. It’s out this month.

I’ve got a couple of cracking reviews for older full-length books to share. First up is a fabulous review for Seven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed from Amanda Shivrattan. Forgive me if I quote in full:

When you pick up any Anna Campbell book you know you are guaranteed a story that breaks boundaries and is unmatched in drama, passion and plot lines. Seven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed has left me breathless. The story is darkly fascinating and deeply intriguing with twists and turns that kept me hooked. The characters are realistic, convincing and there is so much realism drawn out that left me in pure awe. I was mesmerized by the dark lord of the castle, Jonas, who is frightening as much as he is devastating. Sidonie Forsythe breathes a breath of fresh air into the halls of Castle Craven. Her whiplash smart attitude and her edgy conversations with Jonas were compelling and absorbing. In the end, Seven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed by Anna Campbell was a dark, striking and passionate historical romance which I loved from beginning to end!

Highly Recommended. 5 Stars.

And I draw your attention to a lovely review of A Scoundrel by Moonlight, the 4th Sons of Sin novel, from Addicted to Romance: “Overall a simply wonderful romance that crackles and sizzles.”

If you live in Australia, I’d love to see you at a couple of events where I’ll be appearing in the next few months. First up, I’m one of the speakers at the Historical Novelists Society of Australasia Conference in Melbourne which takes place between 8th and 10th September at the University of Technology, Swinburne. There’s a great line-up of guests this year: I’m appearing twice on Sunday. My first panel, with excellent local authors Isolde Martyn, Alison Stuart, and Lisa Chaplin, is A Rose by Any Other Name: What’s the Difference between Historical Romance and an Historical Love Story? My second panel is the closing event of the conference. I’ll be appearing with local stars Kate Forsyth and Luke Devenish to talk about Outside the Comfort Zone: Sex Scenes and Violence – What Authors Dread or Relish? I’ve been brave enough to offer to read one of my steamy scenes aloud!

From 10th to 12th November, I’ll be at GenreCon at the State Library of Queensland along with a host of Australia’s genre fiction stars. On Sunday, I’m doing a workshop on fear and creativity. Here’s the blurb:

Writing Through Fear with Anna Campbell
10:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Join award-winning author Anna Campbell for a practical workshop that explores how to recognise fear’s deadly touch on our work, then learn proven techniques for combating that fear and getting back into good writing practice. Learn to stop making excuses and penetrate fear’s many guises, including procrastination, self-doubt, writer’s block, lack of discipline, the sagging middle, and the new idea’s siren call. Develop techniques for starting a novel and sticking with it to reach those magic words, “the end.”

You can buy tickets for GenreCon here:

If you love great contemporary romance, don’t miss Annie West’s latest brilliant novella in her Hot Italian Nights series. I had such fun reading The Italian’s Bold Reckoning and I’m sure you will too. Here’s the link to Amazon where it’s only 99 cents!

And speaking of Annie West, check out this month’s My Favorite Things where I have a rave about the wonderful books in her back list and pick out some particular favorites that you’re sure to love, too.

June 2017

I’m home from my huge trip. What a wonderful time I had. Look out for a few travelogues on My Favorite Things in the coming months.

The big news in Campbellandia is that the new Dashing Widow is out 30th June. Isn’t that a beautiful cover? Catching Captain Nash is book 6 in the series and the end of this current trilogy. I’m going to take a bit of a rest from the Widows then, although I hope to come back and tie up a few threads with another trilogy at some stage.

Here’s the blurb for Catching Captain Nash:

Home is the sailor, home from the sea…

Five years after he’s lost off the coast of South America, presumed dead, Captain Robert Nash escapes cruel captivity, and returns to London and the bride he loves, but barely knows. When he stumbles back into the family home, he’s appalled to find himself gate-crashing the party celebrating his wife’s engagement to another man.

No red-blooded naval officer takes a challenge like this lying down; but five years is a long time, and beautiful, passionate Morwenna has clearly found a life without him. Can he win back the wife who gave him a reason to survive his ordeal? Or will the woman who haunts his every thought remain eternally out of reach?

Love lost and found? Or love lost forever?

Since hearing of her beloved husband’s death, Morwenna Nash has been mired in grief. After five grim years without him, she must summon every ounce of courage and determination to become a Dashing Widow and rejoin the social whirl. She owes it to her young daughter to break free of old sorrow and find a new purpose in life, even if that means accepting a loveless marriage.

It’s a miracle when Robert returns from the grave, and despite the awkward circumstances of his arrival, she’s overjoyed that her husband has come back to her at last. But after years of suffering, he’s not the handsome, laughing charmer she remembers. Instead he’s a grim shadow of his former dashing self. He can’t hide how much he still wants her—but does passion equal love?

Can Morwenna and Robert bridge the chasm of absence, suffering and mistrust, and find the way back to each other?

And all for only 99 cents on Kindle. You can pre-order Catching Captain Nash now from:




Barnes and Noble


You can read an excerpt here:

If you live in south-east Queensland or feel like a weekend in Brisbane, why not come to a day of writing workshops with me at the Queensland Writers Centre on Saturday, 7th October? I’m doing two workshops.

In the morning, I’m doing the Building Blocks of Romance Fiction:

Romance fiction is arguably the world’s most popular genre, with millions of readers clamoring for new releases from favorite authors. Join award-winning, internationally published historical romance author Anna Campbell as she reveals a great love story’s building blocks. We’ll cover essential elements, including genres within the genre, structure, pacing, characters, conflict, openings, turning points, black moments, love scenes, dialogue—and the blissfully happy ending! Participants will complete structured writing exercises to develop hands-on skills in telling stories to make readers’ hearts beat faster. This promises to be a fun, information-packed workshop to help you write your bestseller with confidence.

More information and bookings here:

In the afternoon, I’m doing a session on Selling and Marketing Your Novel:

Join award-winning, internationally published historical romance author Anna Campbell, experienced in both traditional and independent publishing, as she guides you through the labyrinth of bringing your story to the attention of millions of eager readers. We’ll discuss publishing platforms, markets traditional and new, self-publishing know-how, agents, manuscript submission, query letters, popular tropes, trends and social media. Participants will complete structured, hands-on exercises, including writing a logline for their current project to use as the basis for pitches, blurbs, and query letters. Join us for a fun, information-packed workshop and discover the secrets for success in this lucrative, international market. Examples will be from romance novels but the information provided is applicable across a range of genres.

More information and bookings here:

Check out all the Queensland Writers Centre courses for the second half of the year. There’s some amazing stuff on offer there.

Some foreign edition news. I’ve recently heard that A Rake’s Midnight Kiss, What a Duke Dares, and A Scoundrel by Moonlight are going into Russian translation. Watch here for more information. And all four Sons of Sin books (those three plus Seven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed) are going into French.

At the beginning of June, I was delighted to be the guest of the United Service Club in Brisbane where I talked romance fiction to a really vibrant group of women at a glamorous morning tea. I hope you enjoy these pictures from the event! The second one includes events coordinator, Narelle Segecic, from the United Service Club.

Whatever you do, don’t miss Annie West’s latest novella in her Hot Italian Nights series, out now and only 99 cents. Bound to the Italian Boss is a corker of a story about two people who think they know each other, but discover that there’s a whole other world to discover when love enters the picture.

This month’s My Favorite Things is about last year’s wonderful Historical Romance Retreat in Spokane. If you’re able to go this year, don’t miss it. I had the best time.



May 2017

Well, as those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter know, I’ve had the most marvelous April imaginable on the beautiful and secluded island of Eigg (pronounced egg) in the Hebrides in Scotland.

In between taking a lot of photographs, meeting a lot of people (well, a lot in Eigg terms, there are only 100 residents!), eating a heap of lovely food, and finding myself awestruck by glorious landscapes, I managed to do a stack of writing. Catching Captain Nash (Dashing Widows 6) is now awaiting an edit so he’s all shipshape and Bristol fashion for his release on 30th June. Make sure you swing by next month for a peek at the blurb, the cover, and an excerpt.

First up news of a new Italian release from HarperCollins Italy. Isn’t this cover for the translation of A Scoundrel by Moonlight lovely? So romantic. You should be able to buy La Ragioni della Vendetta (The Reasons for Revenge) wherever good books are sold.

While I was in London in March, I visited the very swish Harlequin Mills and Boon offices to meet my editor and the rest of the team. Everyone gave me the most marvelous welcome and I managed to do this interview amongst all the excitement. Check it out:

Now for a round-up of some recent reviews.

I was tickled pink to get a great review for the Dashing Widows series up to book 4 from brilliant Australian historical fiction writer Kate Forsyth:

Australian author Anna Campbell is well-known for her sultry Regency romances, and these four books connect together to make a series called ‘The Dashing Widows’. Each book follows the amorous adventures of a beautiful widow and her entanglements with various rakes, dukes, and wicked uncles. The books are really just love bites – I read each one in a couple of hours – and often the action of one overlaps with the action of another. They are very sexy! Perfect holiday reading.

Helen Sibbritt at Romance Book Haven really enjoyed Charming Sir Charles, my most recent Dashing Widow release: “5/5 stars for a great story.”

Kathy at Kathy’s Review Corner reviewed Pursuing Lord Pascal and described it as “lovely.”

Heather at the Australian Romance Readers Association blog reviewed A Match Made in Mistletoe and called it “another good read from Ms. Campbell.”

Speaking of photographs of places I’ve been, check out this month’s My Favorite Things where I’ve revisited a stack of my best pictures from the stay in Banff in the glorious Rocky Mountains National Park in Canada. Last October I was there for a month doing a writing residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts, which is where the idea for the stay on Eigg arose for the first time.

And now to finish some shots from my beautiful stay in Scotland. You’ll see what I mean about the scenery!

First up various sunsets looking from Eigg to the mountainous and very spectacular Rum. All of these were taken from the terrace at my bed and breakfast! Lucky me.

Second, some of the beautiful beaches on Eigg. Where I stayed was between Laig Beach and the Singing Sands (how evocative is that name?). Sadly I could only get them to give me a faint squeak. Maybe they had a sore throat!

Lastly a grab bag of pictures of Eigg. Snow on Rum (that was exciting for an Aussie!). Two shots of the very mystical Kildonnan, the site of an ancient monastery and the martyrdom of St. Donnan in the 7th century. And the beautiful woods surrounding the Lodge.



April 2017


Greetings from green and fragrant England where I’m currently on a research trip. Those of you who follow me on Facebook will be seeing lots of photographs of spring flowers and old buildings. Why not join me there? Here’s the link to find my author page:

Thank you to everyone who has picked up my fifth Dashing Widow story, Charming Sir Charles, which came out at the end of February. He’s still riding high in the Amazon Regency charts and I’m terrifically happy that so many of you have enjoyed my novella. Here are some excerpts from reviews:

Firstly, I’d like to quote the lovely review from Jessie at Night Owl Romance in full:

Charming Sir Charles by Anna Campbell is the fifth book in the wonderful Dashing Widows series. I love Anna’s novellas because they are sweet, charming, and packed with a lot of heart. Since all her characters are so likeable, I was really thrilled that this was the type of story where everyone in the book knows that Charles and Sally belong together except for Sally. This way, no other hearts are broken and it’s obvious from the beginning that this couple is meant to be together so it’s an enjoyable read from beginning to end.

Charming Sir Charles has an added bonus for fans because this story starts out with the marriage of the couple from the previous book, Pursuing Lord Pascal. However, there are now so many characters that I would suggest that readers start from the beginning of the series to understand all their relationships. I truly hope that there are more stories planned for this great historical romance series.

Jonetta from the Book Nympho says: “This was a passionate and, at times, funny story about two really wonderful people that couldn’t follow the straight line to each other.”

Jaci at The Reading Wench calls it, “A wonderful novella that proves that no matter how long or short a book is you can always count on Anna Campbell to keep you intrigued and reading late into the night.”

Rose at Roses Are Blue singles the hero out for special praise: “Charles is a swoonworthy hero, who had an aura of honor and goodness about him that made me fall a bit in love with him myself, and he’s one of my favorites that Anna Campbell has written.”

Please check out the fabulous profile Damian Bathersby wrote about me from the Sunshine Coast Daily last month. I felt like a complete star and it was wonderful to have all that space to talk about my writing life and inspirations.

Readers in Slovenia, make sure you pick up Seven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed, the first in my Sons of Sin series, which is out in translation right now. Here’s the link:

This month’s My Favorite Things is about that wonderful British series, Midsomer Murders. Check out the glorious mayhem in the English countryside!

Finally, here are a few photos from my recent travels. First up, we have a picture of the beautiful churchyard in Whittlesford near Cambridge, a photo of me in front of London’s oldest pub, The Prospect of Whitby, and the famous view of Tower Bridge from the river.

Next, a treat for those who have read A Rake’s Midnight Kiss. You’ll remember the Harmsworth Jewel in that book. Here is the original of the Harmsworth Jewel, the Alfred Jewel, which is displayed at the fabulous Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. A great thrill for me finally to see it in the “flesh.”

Next, Salisbury Cathedral, the interior of the Royal Opera House and some heraldic beasts from magnificent Westminster Hall.Finally, some shots from a beautiful day at Scotney Castle in Kent, one of the most romantic landscapes I’ve ever seen.


March 2017

How can it be March already? Didn’t we just have Christmas?

On the other hand, I’m very excited because this month I start a huge trip to England and Scotland which hopefully will include lots of story research and ideas. If you don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter, maybe you should. I promise lots of fab photographs. On Facebook, you can find me at : And my Twitter handle is AnnaCampbellOz.

The big news is that Charming Sir Charles: The Dashing Widows Book 5 is now out. Thank you to everyone who’s picked up my novella. As I speak, it’s in the top 500 on, the top 10 Regency romances, and the top 5 hot new Regency releases. No reviews yet but I hope to have some to share with you next month.

Here’s the blurb:

Matchmaking mayhem in Mayfair!

Sally Cowan, Countess of Norwood, spent ten miserable years married to an overbearing oaf. Now she’s free, she plans to have some fun. But before she kicks her heels up, this Dashing Widow sets out to launch her pretty, headstrong niece Meg into society and find her a good husband.

When rich and charming Sir Charles Kinglake gives every sign that he can’t get enough of Meg’s company, Sally is delighted to play chaperone at all their meetings. Charles is everything that’s desirable in a gentleman suitor. How disastrous, when over the course of the season’s most elegant house party, Sally realizes that desire is precisely the name of the game. She’s found her niece’s perfect match—but she wants him for herself!

There are none so blind as those who will not see…

From the moment Sir Charles Kinglake meets sparkling Lady Norwood, he’s smitten. He courts her as a gentleman should—dancing with her at every glittering ball, taking her to the theatre, escorting her around London. Because she’s acting as chaperone to her niece, that means most times, Meg accompanies them. The lack of privacy chafes a man consumed by desire, but Charles’s intentions are honorable, and he’s willing to work within the rules to win the wife he wants.

However when he discovers that his careful pursuit has convinced Sally he’s interested in Meg rather than her, he flings the rules out the window. When love is at stake, who cares about a little scandal? It’s time for charming Sir Charles to abandon the subtle approach and play the passionate lover, not the society suitor!

Now with everything at sixes and sevens, Sir Charles risks everything to show lovely Lady Norwood they make the perfect pair!

You can read an excerpt and find buy links here:

Not a lot of other news this month (which might be a relief given how much I had in January and February!). Just one new review to report – Heather Kon on the Australian Romance Readers Association blog reviewed Pursuing Lord Pascal and calls it, “Another great story by Ms. Campbell.”

And if you want to pick up a fantastic read, don’t miss Annie West’s The Desert King’s Captive Bride. I always love Annie’s stories, but this one hits it out of the ballpark.

This month’s Favorite Things is a piece on Robert Galbraith’s (J.K. Rowling) fantastic Cormoran Strike mysteries. Well worth checking out if you haven’t read them.

February 2017

I’m delighted to introduce you to my new release, out on 27th February from all good e-tailers! Charming Sir Charles (The Dashing Widows Book 5) is Sally’s story – things get pretty complicated before she finds her happy ending! Here’s the blurb:.

Matchmaking mayhem in Mayfair!.

Sally Cowan, Countess of Norwood, spent ten miserable years married to an overbearing oaf. Now she’s free, she plans to have some fun. But before she kicks her heels up, this Dashing Widow sets out to launch her pretty, headstrong niece Meg into society and find her a good husband..

When rich and charming Sir Charles Kinglake gives every sign that he can’t get enough of Meg’s company, Sally is delighted to play chaperone at all their meetings. Charles is everything that’s desirable in a gentleman suitor. How disastrous, when over the course of the season’s most elegant house party, Sally realizes that desire is precisely the name of the game. She’s found her niece’s perfect match—but she wants him for herself!.

There are none so blind as those who will not see….

From the moment Sir Charles Kinglake meets sparkling Lady Norwood, he’s smitten. He courts her as a gentleman should—dancing with her at every glittering ball, taking her to the theatre, escorting her around London. Because she’s acting as chaperone to her niece, that means most times, Meg accompanies them. The lack of privacy chafes a man consumed by desire, but Charles’s intentions are honorable, and he’s willing to work within the rules to win the wife he wants..

However when he discovers that his careful pursuit has convinced Sally he’s interested in Meg rather than her, he flings the rules out the window. When love is at stake, who cares about a little scandal? It’s time for charming Sir Charles to abandon the subtle approach and play the passionate lover, not the society suitor!.

Now with everything at sixes and sevens, Sir Charles risks everything to show lovely Lady Norwood they make the perfect pair!.

And all for the bargain price of only 99 cents! How can you say no?.

You can buy Charming Sir Charles from:.



Other platforms to come..

February’s latest news is chock-full of good news! First up, the Australian Romance Readers Association has announced the finalists in their annual awards. I’m tickled pink that I’m up for eight – six of my novellas are battling it out for Favorite Historical of 2016, the Dashing Widows are up for favorite series, and I’m up for favorite Australian romance author too:.

Nominated for Favorite Historical Romance of 2016.

Tempting Mr. Townsend (Dashing Widows 2).

Winning Lord West (Dashing Widows 3).

Pursuing Lord Pascal (Dashing Widows 4).

Stranded with the Scottish Earl.

A Match Made in Mistletoe.

Mistletoe and the Major.

Nominated for Favorite Romance Series of 2016.

The Dashing Widows.

Nominated for Favorite Australian Romance Author.

Anna Campbell.

Thanks to ARRA for running these great awards every year and thank you to everyone who voted for me. You can see the full list here: Congratulations to all the finalists! It’s a fab list!.
Big Aussie online bookseller Booktopia held their annual Favorite Australian Author poll in January and I’m delighted I got into the finals (the last 75). Sadly, I didn’t make the top 50 but I really appreciate all the support you gave me with the various rounds of voting. Congratulations to the authors who made the top 50 – they had hundreds of nominees this year. You can see the complete list here:

Jessie at Night Owl Reviews does a lovely report on A Match Made in Mistletoe and says, “If you are looking for a quick read that can still pull at your heartstrings, you need not look any further than the amazing Anna Campbell.”.

A couple of my books made best of 2016 lists too. Kathy at Kathy’s Review Corner chose both A Pirate for Christmas and A Match Made in Mistletoe among her Gems of 2016. You can read her lovely review of AMIM here: D.B. Tait also put together a list of her favorite reads of 2016 and I’m delighted that A Scoundrel by Moonlight made the cut. I’m also delighted that she listed one of my favorite reads of last year, Unmasking Miss Appleby by Emily Larkin..

I was tickled pink when my local paper did a feature on my romance writing career in conjunction with the ARRA Awards announcement. And I made the front cover no less! Lovely article too! Here’s a link to the article:

Thanks to everyone who booked into the library talk on the 13th February at Cooroy. I’m delighted to say it’s booked out and that we’ve closed the waiting lists. Keep an eye out for other events through Sunshine Coast Libraries – they run a great program every year. For those who got in, I’m looking forward to meeting you!.

Norwegian readers, don’t miss the bargain priced two for the price of one edition of Claiming the Courtesan and Untouched which is out right now. Love that cover!.

Are you a mystery fan? If so, don’t miss this month’s My Favorite Things! I’ve recently started reading Agatha Christie’s books (yes, I can’t believe I haven’t read them before either) and I’m talking about five I particularly like..




January 2017

Happy New Year! I hope 2017 is wonderful for all of us and packed to the gills with great reading.

Firstly, an apology. I’m so sorry to the large numbers of you who had an awful time downloading my latest Christmas novella A Match Made in Mistletoe. There was a computer glitch at the uploading stage and the result was an unholy mess, unfortunately. People buying the book  now seem to be facing plain sailing – the majority of those affected had pre-ordered. Many of you have contacted me direct for a download and many more of you have found satisfaction through Amazon who have been stalwart through all this. If however, you find you don’t have more than the first couple of pages of the story, please contact me via the contact page on this website, on my email annacampbelloz@hotmail or through a direct message on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll be more than happy to organize a free copy of the story for you.

In better news, for a limited time, my Stranded with the Scottish Earl has been included in a multi-author anthology called The Rogue is Mine which is available for a limited time on Kindle for the bargain price of 99 cents or for free on Kindle Unlimited. Here’s a short blurb on each of the five bestselling stories:

Fall in love with five novels by bestselling authors featuring sexy rogues and those who love them.

The Golden Rules of Love
by Tammy Andresen
Annie Sullivan has sworn never to trust another man again. But handsome wagon train boss, Collin Mackinnon, makes her question her choices in life and love.

Stranded with the Scottish Earl by Anna Campbell
Miss Charlotte Warren vows never to marry and she’s sticking to her spinsterish guns, even if Lord Lyle sounds like the perfect husband. But when in the middle of a spring flood, her father’s choice turns up on the doorstep under an unconvincing alias, she has no choice but to take him in.

Scandalous Redemption by Amanda Mariel
Can two wary people overcome past hurts, an old scandal, and social strictures to embrace true love?

A Sanguine Gem by Dawn Brower
Gemma confessed her love to Liam and he walked away. Now, years later, she doubts Liam could love her. Can she trust this newfound love?

Her Scandalous Wish by Collette Cameron
A marriage offer obligated by duty; an acceptance, compelled by desperation.

Reviews of A Match Made in Mistletoe have been wonderful. Here are a few examples.

Kathy at Kathy’s Review Corner calls it “a perfect Christmas read.”

Rose at Roses are Blue says, “I’m happy to recommend this well written and engaging book which contains much more depth than a typical novella. The backdrop of the Christmas holiday just adds to the pleasure of the reading experience.”

Jonetta at The Book Nympho says, “Short and lovely, this was a delightful story for the holiday season.”

Helen at RBH Historical Romance Reviews calls it, “A fabulous read.”

Caz at All About Romance says A Match Made in Mistletoe has, “the most delicious romantic tension.”

Jaci at The Reading Wench says, “This is a lovely novella that can be read on a cold winter’s night in your favorite chair with a cup of hot chocolate.  I highly recommend it!!!”

Jen at Jenerated Reviews gave AMMIM 5 stars and says, “Once again Anna Campbell in her wonderful and completely one of a kind way shared the gift of love in her latest annual Christmas novella A Match Made In Mistletoe!”

Because of the mess about the upload of A Match Made in Mistletoe, I put A Pirate for Christmas on for free for a couple of weeks (rush to get it, if you haven’t already – it’s free until 7th January). As a result, I collected a couple of very nice new reviews.

Kathy at Kathy’s Review Corner says, “If you enjoy historical Christmas novella romances – then this is one not to be missed.”

Julie at the Book Review says, “This story is cute and a very enjoyable holiday romance.”

And a few other reviews and accolades around the place! Bobby Dumas at Kirkus Reviews picked up What a Duke Dares and calls it, “delectable!” The Dashing Widows Book 3, Winning Lord West, made two appearances on the Book Nympho’s best of 2016 lists, once for its gorgeous cover courtesy of the brilliant Hang Le and once for Lord West as one of Jonetta’s favorite book boy and girlfriends of the year. And finally, Stranded with the Scottish Earl has made the list of Helen’s top 10 of the year over at Deanna’s World.

Something for the diary if you live in south-east Queensland – don’t miss the romance panel at Cooroy Library on Monday, 13th February. I’ll be appearing with great local writers Josephine Moon and Maggie Christensen. Details:

Where: Cooroy Library, 9 Maple Street, Cooroy

When: 10am, Monday 13th February 2017

Price: Free (morning tea will be served)

Bookings essential: 07 5329 6555

More information:

This month’s My FavoriteThings talks about my latest TV craze, that marvelous BBC series Call the Midwife. Check it out!