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October 2020

Oh, the best-laid plans of mice and men and all that malarkey.

Last month, I told you that there would be three new Anna Campbell stories out before the end of the year. But circumstances have made a liar of me. We’re down to only two!

The Highlander’s Rescued Maiden, which I’d hoped to get out for the end of October, has now been delayed until the beginning of 2021. But on the upside, I’ve brought forward the release of this year’s Christmas story The Highlander’s Christmas Countess to the end of this month. At this stage, I don’t have buy links but they should go up fairly shortly. If you follow me on social media, keep an eye out for the announcement.

In the meantime, as a teaser, here’s the cover. I should have buy links and an excerpt up in the next week or so. I’ve also got the blurb:

The new stableboy has a secret!

Kit Laing is a genius with Glen Lyon’s horses and a favorite with his employer’s family, but he isn’t all he seems. In fact, the shy stablehand isn’t a he at all. Kit is actually Christobel Urquhart, Countess of Appin, on the run from a greedy, violent stepbrother with designs on her fortune.

And the laird’s handsome nephew has worked out just what it is.

Quentin MacNab, the dashing heir to Cannich, has had his suspicions about the new stable lad from the first. Kit is far too pretty to be a boy – and far too well spoken to be a servant.

Now passion and danger combine to create a Yuletide like no other.

When a snowstorm traps Kit and Quentin overnight in an isolated hut, the discovery of her true identity sparks a rushed marriage to stave off a scandal. But can the Christmas Countess learn to trust her charming new husband’s promises of protection? Or will their fragile alliance fall victim to the evil forces assailing her?

Even better on 10th October, I have a new Lairds Most Likely story in a brilliant multi-author anthology called Have Yourself a Merry Little ScandalThe Highlander’s Christmas Lassie is a heartwarming, emotional reunion story that I hope is just right for the festive season. And isn’t that a gorgeous cover?

Here’s the blurb for The Highlander’s Christmas Lassie:

Young love torn apart. A chance to mend two shattered lives.

After years of desperate searching, Malcolm Innes, Laird of Dun Carron, has finally found his beloved Rhona and the son they had together. But their reunion is far from what he expected. Can the magic of Christmas provide the faithful laird and his spirited darling with their long-delayed happy ending?

There’s already a review from Tracy at Flippin’ Pages Reviews: “You will LOVE this novella.  It is a well written, nicely paced story complete with a crushing betrayal that tears them apart, warm love scenes, revelations, surprises, a love that never died, a HEA and a sweet epilogue.  This is story has a tie-in to the Lairds Most Likely series, but it is definitely a standalone title.  This novella is part of an anthology, but even if it is the only story you read in the collection – it is worth the money you paid for this story alone!”

You can read an excerpt here and buy links include:

Amazon U.S.

Amazon U.K

Amazon Australia

Amazon Canada

And don’t forget if you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, you get the whole luscious anthology for free! It’s only available for 3 months, so get your skates on!

And as an extra bonus, Have Yourself a Merry Little Scandal has a sister anthology called Have Yourself a Merry Little Secret. Why not pick up both? And if you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, the good news is you can read both for free there.

In other news, my reader favorite Lord Garson’s Bride: A Novel-Length Dashing Widows Romance is on special for a few more days at the extra low price of 99 cents. Given this book is usually $5.99, this is a great discount so grab it now!

This month’s My Favorite Things column continues my roundup of books I’ve recently enjoyed reading. This time, it’s fiction. I’ve got two great crime stories and a fantasy novel and a historical recreation of Roman Britain to recommend this month. Check it out!

September 2020

How can it be September already? The year is just rushing by. Spring has hit right on schedule here in Australia. I’m looking forward to getting back into the pool.

Something else I’m looking forward to is a flurry of new releases at the end of 2020. October offers my readers not one, but TWO new releases. The first is the next installment in the Lairds Most Likely series, The Highlander’s Rescued Maiden which picks up the sensual tone I established with The Highlander’s Forbidden Mistress which has proven such a popular read. The other is part of a Christmas anthology which is still under wraps at the moment but which should be out at the beginning of October.

As soon as I get the go-ahead, I’ll put up some info but I promise you’re going to love what’s on offer! The Highlander’s Rescued Maiden should be out in the second half of the month. So make sure you swing back next month to read excerpts and see buy links for both new stories! And then in November, I’m releasing this year’s Christmas story, The Highlander’s Christmas Countess.

The Highlander’s Forbidden Mistress has continued to make friends around the world and I want to thank all the people who have taken the time to leave a review or to contact me to say how much you’ve enjoyed the latest story. Here’s a selection of a couple of blogger reviews that have come in over the last few weeks.

Jonetta at the Blue Mood Cafe says, “It’s a lovely story with lots of steamy encounters.”

Rose at Roses Are Blue says “The Highlander’s Forbidden Mistress is an emotionally satisfying romance which provides a lovely happy ever after for a deserving couple, and plenty of steam along the way.”

I’m going to quote at length from this next one, mostly because I just love it so darn much. Jaci at the Reading Wench gave the story 5 stars and says:

Anna has hit it out of the park again!  Every time I read a new book by Anna I proclaim that this is now my favorite.  THIS IS MY FAVORITE OF THE SERIES!!!

Brock and Selina are two people who need each other desperately and Anna knows exactly how to weave a love story that will keep you reading late into the night.

Anna’s characters are just so flawed and perfect. From the first words, they exchange to the HAE I was enthralled.  Brock is now my favorite Highlander.  “Cruel beauty. I hoped you’d noticed me, yet now you depress my pretensions.” Delicious chills down my spine!!   All you have to do is read the first chapter to be hooked!!  I read this book in two hours non-stop.

Talk about hot and steamy!!!  Just a warning ladies, once you meet Brock your bookshelf will never be the same!!  Wild and untamed in bed and the perfect gentleman out of it, well not all the time.  A love story that will bring tears to your eyes and smile to your lips.  Do not miss this one!!

I’ve done a series of interviews this last month so if you’d like to satisfy your curiosity about my writing process, what’s coming up, or anything else Anna Campbell-ish, check these out.

Sue’s Book Blog with Sudesna Ghosh:

Dorset Book Detective (nice chance to talk about the historical aspects of my work):

Author Shehanne Moore’s Blog. This one includes an excerpt of Forbidden Mistress:

This month’s My Favorite Things column talks about three more sets of memoirs that I really enjoyed and that I think you might too. Check it out.

See you in October!

August 2020

Thanks to everyone who picked up The Highlander’s Forbidden Mistress over the last month. I’ve been overwhelmed at the positive reception this one has received. Here’s a few excerpts from the Amazon and Goodreads reviews:

“Ms. Campbell has outdone herself with this book, absolutely a fantastic hot read, with an intriguing story.” 5 stars Goodreads Reviewer

“Ms. Campbell has written another simply divine love story.”5 stars Amazon Reviewer

“I felt like I was on an high-octane ride while reading.” 5 stars. Amazon Reviewer

“Ms. Campbell has outdone herself with this book, absolutely a fantastic hot read, with an intriguing story.” 5 stars Goodreads Reviewer

“This book is the reason Anna Campbell is a one click author for me! Her characters are both likeable and charming. Her words seep into you giving you a hot rush of joy that makes you yearn for the HEA! A must read for all romantics!” 5 stars GoodReads Reviewer

“Her words seep into you giving you a hot rush of joy that makes you yearn for the HEA! A must read for all romantics!” 5 stars Goodreads Reviewer

“The dynamic between Brock and the widowed Selina is hot, and their interactions are beautiful – a slow unfurling of discovering the other half of one’s soul while the sexual tension ramps up so high it melts the snow. Delicious and tender by turn, this is a lovely story of two lost people finding one another.” 5 stars. GoodReads Reviewer

“Her words seep into you giving you a hot rush of joy that makes you yearn for the HEA! A must read for all romantics!” 5 stars. GoodReads Reviewer

If you’d like buy links or you’d like to read an excerpt, here’s the page:

If you’re wondering how many more books are left in my bestselling Lairds Most Likely series, I’m hoping to get The Highlander’s Rescued Maiden out at the end of September, then there’s a Christmas story called The Highlander’s Christmas Countess to finish things up. There’s also another Christmas novella which will appear in a multi-author anthology later this year. Details of that are under wraps until next month so please swing back then to find out more! Then the plan is to go back to all the glamour and passion of Regency London with a new series. Again, details under wraps right now but if you liked the Dashing Widows series, you’ll love this new set of books. Promise!

Have you signed up for A Romantic Rendezvous, The Australian Romance Readers Association online convention on Facebook which runs across the first weekend in August? An amazing line-up of international authors, including yours truly. For more information and to register, try this link:

If you’re a regular reader of my website updates, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Annie West’s emotional and passionate contemporary romances. Annie has a new book out this month and it’s a corker, with a great marriage of convenience story set in beautiful Venice. You can pick up Claiming His Out-of-Bounds Bride from all good book retailers!

My Favorite Things this month continues a round-up of good books I’ve read in the last six months or so. This time, it’s the turn of some great memoirs that I really enjoyed and I think you will too.

July 2020

I have a new release this month and that’s always massively exciting! Well, for me at least!

The Highlander’s Forbidden Mistress has hit the world with a bang, making it into’s top 5,000 and hitting the top 50 and occasionally the top 10 in a number of Amazon lists. Check back next month when I hope to have some reviews to share, but so far reader feedback has been ecstatic about my steamy romance set on the Essex coastline (although the hero is a Scotsman, nach!).

You can buy The Highlander’s Forbidden Mistress wherever good e-books are sold, including from these retailers:

Amazon U.S.

Amazon U.K.

Amazon Australia

Amazon Canada


Barnes and Noble

Kobo U.S.

Kobo Australia

Apple U.S.

Apple Australia

You can read a blurb and an excerpt here: Like all my books, The Highlander’s Forbidden Mistress can be read as a standalone.

If you’re in Australia and New Zealand, get your skates on because Apple are doing a great promotion that finishes on the 7th July. 10 fabulous romance novels that are first in series, including my The Laird’s Willful Lass, are FREE – so why not grab all 10? Here’s the geographical location-exclusive link, which works best on iPhone or iPad:

I’ve got a lovely review for The Highlander’s English Bride from Jaci at the Reading Wench. I’m going to quote from it at length:

“I have always had favorites and now I am adding this one to the top of my list.  I absolutely loved this story from beginning to end!  Hamish is now my favorite Highlander!  Six Feet Five Inches of breathtaking masculinity, honor, and intelligence.  

Emily Baylor is a smart young lady who thinks Hamish is arrogant, condescending and so damn beautiful. They have been at loggerheads most of their adult lives.  Like oil and water, they just don’t do well together. When a scandal breaks and the only answer is to marry they do so reluctantly.  Hamish is willing to try to make a go of the marriage, Emily is not. So Hamish retreats to Scotland and Emily stays in London.

What will it take to bring them together and to realize that they have a chance at a love that will change them forever?

This love story is a roller coaster ride of epic moments that will leave you wanting more.  Anna is a master at creating characters that will stay with you long after you have finished her books. All I can say is that I never put this one down until I read the entire book.”

Don’t miss this month’s My Favorite Things column. It’s a new piece on some of the books I’ve been reading during lockdown. You might find a new favorite there!