Anna Campbell

June 2019


Picture Venice!

As many of you know, especially those of you who follow me on Facebook (, I’ve just returned from a four-month trip to Europe which was a wonderful combination of writing time and sightseeing. I thought I might share some of my favorite photos from the trip with you over the next two months, starting in Venice and moving to Canna in July.

If you’re a long-term reader of My Favorite Things, you’ll know I’ve already done a couple of posts about Venice back in September 2013 and October 2013. But given those photos dated from 1995, I’m sure you won’t mind me revisiting this gorgeous city with some more recent shots.

It was so marvelous being back in La Serenissima and this time, I fulfilled a long-term ambition and stayed for nearly three weeks, which gave me time to settle into a Venetian rhythm of life and to soak up the wonderful atmosphere of this beautiful place.

We’ll start as most people do with some pictures of the magnificent Grand Canal. I particularly like the ones I took on a foggy morning – the mist in Venice only adds to the romantic atmosphere!

I was there for Carnevale and had a wonderful time poking through the shops done out for the celebrations. I think the local shops are probably pretty spectacular all year round – look at that wonderful glove shop!

And some more canals. I found some of the prettiest spots were away from the main drag. Look at the reflections and the light!

Finally a photo of my last lunch – look at that weather for February, plus a couple of photos of me enjoying the Venetian air.