Anna Campbell

April 2008


I’m Ready for my Close-Up, Mr. De Mille!

Brisbane Extra recently filmed a story on fabulously talented local historical romance author Christine Wells. To add a bit of background noise…um, detail, Christine invited a few of her romance writing pals to be involved. So very early on a Tuesday morning, Robyn Grady who writes for both Harlequin Presents and Harlequin Silhouette Desire arrived to pick me up in a limousine for our long trip from the Sunshine Coast. Well, we hoped for a limousine but clearly things were happening on the coast that day, because the best we could do was a people mover. Still, it was a very luxurious and comfortable way to get down to Brisbane and arrive feeling like a movie star.

We got to Christine’s lovely old Queenslander house around 10am. For those from foreign parts, a Queenslander is a distinctive colonial form of architecture. Large wooden houses with verandahs and high ceilings based on Indian 19th century bungalows. The most distinctive feature of a Queenslander is that it’s up on stilts to promote maximum airflow. While Christine was off being filmed, young adult author Alli Kincaid, romantic fantasy and erotica author Denise Rossetti and Harlequin Medical Romance author Amy Andrews discussed books very sensibly in Christine’s kitchen. Well, actually what we did was eye with longing the unopened champagne and luscious morning tea and giggle a lot.

Eventually, we were called to our interviews. When we all displayed our books on the table, it was such an impressive show. Then each of us answered questions from host Doug Murray about the romance industry and our careers. By this stage, the champagne had indeed been opened, so I’m not sure how sensible I was! Although all the sugar from the morning tea should have soaked up some of the alcohol. At least that’s my story and I intend to stick to it!

We then went out for the best part of the day. A gorgeous lunch at Two Small Rooms in Toowong. I hope you enjoy some photos of the filming. There were photos from the restaurant. They were ALL out of focus. I wonder why…

It’s always such fun to catch up with my romance writing friends! Christine, I think this is the start of local stardom for you! Congratulations!

The segment was broadcast in South East Queensland on Friday, 28th March

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