Anna Campbell

January 2007


Favourite Blogs

I don’t think I’m alone when I say I love to read blogs. I go through stages where I don’t read many and stages (usually when I’m trying to avoid a work in what I laughably call ‘progress’) where I read lots and lots. As I’m about to get heavily involved in a new story, I suspect my blogging quota will rise exponentially over the next few months.

These are a few blogs that I call into regularly:

  • Word Wenches – Some great historical writers talk about anything and everything, but often riff on writing historical romance in a way that really resonates for me.
  • Miss Snark – Funny, acerbic, controversial, instructive. I love Miss Snark, a New York agent who tells it like it is.
  • The Ink Spot – Regular readers will know that I really admire Christine Wells’s writing, aside from the fact that she’s an all-round wonderful woman. Her perceptive, thoughtful posts always illuminate my understanding of the Regency and writing.
  • Squawk Radio – Squawk Radio is just so entertaining. You know you’re in for a good time from the moment you see the dancing chickens in the header.
  • My Trivialities – A friend of mine started this back on 10th December so he’s the new boy on the block. As you’ll gather, Philip is a man who takes his culture very seriously but my favorite post so far is about dachshund kitsch. He’s a man who takes his dachshunds very seriously too!
  • Risky Regencies – Some interesting writers talking about the Regency and the books we love set in that fascinating era. I’ll be a guest blogger here in March so drop by and say hello.
  • History Hoydens – Some more really interesting Regency stuff. And OK, more shameless self-promotion as I’ll be blogging here in April. What can I say? I’ve got a book coming out and I want to tell people about it!

Oh, dear, this is turning into a tome. Favorite blogs to be continued in a future column!