Anna Campbell

February 2007


Favourite Blogs (part 2)

Back in January, I listed some blogs that I love to drop into. As happened with my favorite romances, I quickly ran out of space, so I thought I’d mention a few more I enjoy reading.

  • Romancing the Blog – This is always a lucky dip – often the articles are relevant, occasionally they’re not. But I usually stick my nose in to have a look at the topic of the day.
  • Pub Rants – I’ve never met Kristin Nelson so I’ve no idea if she’s as nice as she sounds but every time I read her posts, it’s like having a wonderful giggly conversation with a really smart girlfriend. And she has great insight into books, publishing and writing so what’s not to like?
  • Christina Phillips – Christina is a really nice romance writer from Western Australia who I met at the Romance Novelists’ Association conference in 2004. Hey, Perth is almost as far away for me as Leicester. Her blog is friendly and funny and well worth a look.
  • Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels – This site is a hoot. I dare you to read one of their cover rants and not find yourself snickering through the day. Clever, witty, sarcastic and insightful. Great stuff.
  • Anne McAllister – Anne was a guest at a Romance Writers of Australia conference a few years ago and you couldn’t hope to meet a warmer, cleverer, more interesting woman. Her blog has all those qualities and I always enjoy reading it.
  • Bronwyn Jameson – Bron is a marvellous writer – last year she was nominated for three Ritas. Now, that’s something special! Her blog is sweet and funny and has a wonderfully wry Australian flavor that I love.
  • Avon Romance – This is a great spot to read about new Avon releases and also to hear from the Avon editors.
  • Fiona Lowe – Another great Aussie author, in this case one who writes Medical romance.
  • Tote Bags’n’Blogs – I blog on this one on an occasional basis so it’s more blatant self-promotion, I’m afraid. But it’s a great way to find out about a whole stack of writers and Leena gives away some wonderful prizes.

Well, I think that’s enough to keep me (and you) going for a little while. With all these great blogs, how is a girl supposed to get any serious writing done?

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