Anna Campbell

April 2007


The Romance Community

MFTApril07I’d like to count among my VERY favorite things the messages I’ve had from people contacting me in the lead-up to Claiming the Courtesan’s release. It’s so nice to get an email wishing me luck or expressing how excited someone is that my book is about to hit the stands. I’d also like to mention those of you who have gone public and talked about my story in the most glowing terms.

Thank you so much, guys! Thank you to the people on bulletin boards and review sites and author sites and blog comments and Avon Fanlit and my guestbook. Thank you to everyone who has emailed me and said how much you’re looking forward to reading my book.

What a lovely surprise this has been for me! I thought as a new author, I’d have to scuttle in and stake my place and hope somebody in the playground would offer to sit with me at lunchtime. You know the horrible new-girl blues? But it hasn’t been like that at all. I’ve received a wonderful welcome from readers and writers alike. It really has been one of the nicest things that’s ever happened to me.

The romance community has always struck me as a very generous place. One of the benefits of writing for so long before I was published is that I made a lot of friends on the way through. These are friends who helped me through the tough times and now are ready to celebrate that glorious moment when my first book steps into the world. But the warmth I’ve experienced in recent months goes beyond even that. It’s been truly incredible.

So never imagine that the author doesn’t appreciate it if you’ve taken the trouble to say something nice. This one certainly does! And every writer I know feels exactly the same. All I can do now is repeat myself and say THANK YOU!